About Us

In early 2005, Equity Builders Network, acquired their first investment property. This acquisition was the foundation that provided the financial stability to allow us to branch out to more investment opportunities.

The general contracting/developers arm of Equity Builders Network was also developed to handle the construction demands of our investment properties.

During these early years the necessary relationships were developed with all of the required professionals such as; loan officers, attorneys, real estate brokers, title agents, home inspectors, etc. These resources are the key ingredients in Equity Builders Network business functions.

Let Equity Builders and their network of Real Estate professionals make your dream home a reality.

Mission statement

“Equity Builders Network is prepared with the knowledge attained through over a decade of contracting, development, and real estate transactions. Enhancing, assisting and consulting with our clients through their unique opportunity of investing, building or managing real estate to ensure a successful synergy for all.”

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