Real Estate Investments/ Acquisitions

Real Estate investments

We are not Real Estate Agents. We are Real Estate Investors who specialize in obtaining and developing residential and commercial property.

The Service

Let us do the leg work involved with Property Acquisitions. We offer our clients a professional and confidential approach, which reduces their time, inconvenience and frustration, often associated with property searching.

The Brief

During our initial meeting we will complete a client brief, which will establish your property requirements, hopes, and a timescale to commence your property search.

The Negotiation

We will handle all property negotiations for you, from owner or agent contact to bidding and negotiating the final purchase price: all on your most favorable terms.

Post Purchase

To complete our service, we also offer our clients the benefit of our comprehensive experience in all areas of purchasing from working with solicitors, inspectors, architects and surveyors, contractors, and interior designers making the ownership of your dream home absolutely seamless for you.

Investors Acquisitions

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional customer service while using our knowledge and creative real estate solutions to provide a lucrative outcome for all parties involved.

Though the idea might sound easy, investing in property entails serious money and making a mistake or unfavorable decision can be very costly and cause major damage. To minimize risks you can count on our experience at Equity Builders Network for the proper guidance. We not only understand the basic idea and process of how to properly invest on a property but how to distinguish what investment is worth the time, effort, and money.

Through our real estate volume and cultivated relationships with asset managers, banks, and REO agencies we have an advantage, with access to unlisted inventory. This allows our clients to get a first look at investment properties before being offered to the general public.


Our experienced consultants will work with our clients to develop a financial overview as to their unique equity building opportunities.

In a like manner should your find yourself , like many other americans, having trouble making mortgage payments, your house is worth significantly less than you owe, have a high variable mortgage interest rate, sheriff sale notification, or are facing other hardships that will cause you to loose your home. We can help by guiding you through the maze of confusion that is associated with:

  • Short Sales
  • Loan Modifications
  • Pre Foreclosures
  • Foreclosures
  • Sheriff Sales
  • Estate Sales

We invite you to contact us to discuss your financial future.


Buying a home in today’s market is not be the easiest thing to do with all the banks restrictions. We can help you navigate through this process and hopefully bring it to a successful conclusion ... an approved mortgage with competitive interest rates!

203k and construction loans:

As a preferred contractor Equity Builders Network works with with certain financial institutions to provide you these programs. If you qualify you will be able to finance your home repairs and construction cost.
Get Pre qualified:

One of the most important steps in purchasing a home is to be pre-qualified or pre-approved. This step can eliminate wasted time in the purchase transaction. The pre approval process is also a helpful tool in structuring your total final goals. You may find something showing up on your credit report that is incorrect, or may need to do some debt consolidation in order to qualify for the price range you were interested in. We are there to assist and advise with any of these challenges and have solutions for your obstacles.

To qualify our clients for financial assistance they must be ready to provide the following documents to the lending institution :


  1. Most recent last 4 pay stubs.
  2. Tax returns for the past two years
  3. Bank statements for the past two months
  4. 401k or Investment account statements for the past two months